The Swindells


About The Swindells

The Swindells formed in 2008, in Leeds, West Yorkshire (UK). Support slots have included opening for the likes of Sham 69, Slaughter & The Dogs, UK Subs, Chelsea, Angelic Upstarts, and many more. The band has also played a good number of festivals and all-dayers over the years, which include memorable slots opening the 'Year Zero' all-dayer (headlined by The Damned) at Unity Hall in Wakefield in 2014. More recently, the band has been on the bill with other punk rock luminaries such as Buzzcocks, Discharge, XSLF, and Booze & Glory.

There have been a small handful of line-up changes over the years but the core of the band remains the same; Cliffy and Janni share lead vocals while providing bass and guitar; these days they're joined by Wisey on drums, and Witty on guitar.

There are currently three albums available by the band: This Is Leeds (released 2010), Oaf Rock (2012), and Fear Is The Gun (2017). Hard copies of each album are scarce these days but feel free to contact the band at gigs or through this website and we'll see what we can do to sort you out.

Fear Is The Gun - 13 Track CD

Recorded in a couple of eight-hour recording sessions at Czar Street Studios in Leeds, Fear Is The Gun is the third self-financed album released by The Swindells.

Album Review

Brand new BANGING album of punk-rock riot from the ever essential Swindells. Guttural vocal grunts run amok over some massively memorable guitar riffage and percussion! With lyrics that'll not only kick up a stink but also make you think The Swindells are the perfect example of why punk rock has endured! Energetic, immediate 'in yer face' and highly recommended! Review by Matthew Bradshaw, Jumbo Records, Leeds.